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May 19, 2013

Detective par excellence

uday shankar dutt
Detective par excellence
Though now retired, Uday Dutt is even today considered one of the best experts on economic offence, frauds and financial crimes
He is one of those who joined the police by chance but can be called Bihari by choice. Strange though it may seem for someone who was born and brought up in Shimla and had started to dislike the police, after a teammate in the university badminton team was hit by a police lathi. But actually went on to join the police but head it. Working with the Geological Survey of India after his post graduation in geology, he sat for the civil service exams on being motivated by a district collector. Selected, he found himself being given the Bihar cadre, a State he had never been to and had only seen on maps. Still that was where destiny wanted him to be.
The day he got Bihar cadre, many friends including some Biharis, came into his room for what looked to him almost like a condolence meeting. “I was quite terrified because I had not been to Bihar,” he says. But somehow right from the first day, he started liking Bihar and today has good memories of policing the state.Read More

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