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May 19, 2013

The path to satisfaction

goals amitabh thakur
The path to satisfaction
The attractiveness of opting for social concern and commitment possibly always outweighs all the material success I might otherwise get
I joined as an officer of the Indian Police Service and am even today a member of this service. Yet, over the years, I seem to have become more and more concerned about issues related to transparency and accountability in governance. I am also concerned with various human rights issues, a topic which many people consider as being in exact opposition to the role of the police in India.
How and why it happened is a long story, and I must agree that in addition to external circumstances, there would necessarily have been something intrinsically within me that slowly but surely helped me drift towards these areas.
Again, in classic consonance with the law of conservation of energy, the more I got involved in these issues, gaining expertise and respectability in these areas of operations, my career suffered. Thus, while my batch-mates all across the country are now Inspector-Generals, I continue to be a Superintendent. More involvement in these areas also possibly ensured my posting in such branches of police, which in usual public perception are regarded as non-functional or ‘side posting’.Read More

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