gfiles magazine

December 10, 2015

Gfiles Governance Awards - Ajay Singhal IRRS

For successfully overseeing the initiative on spec-trum monitoring and licence administration, ensuring violation-free usage of satellite spectrum in India
An officer of the Indian Radio Regulatory Service, Ajay Singhal has been cred­ited with successfully overseeing the mission to provide an effective mechanism for monitoring the spectrum allocated to various service providers of satellite-based ser­vices provided by the WPC wing of the Ministry of Communication and IT, Government of India. Spectrum is a limited natural resource of the country with every citizen having a right to its legal and optimum utilisation. While spectrum allocation to service providers is governed through li­cences issued under the Indian Telegraphy Act, 1885 and Indian Wireless Telegraphy Act, 1933, its effective administration depends on resolving major problems, such as lack of effective mechanism to prevent unauthorised usage of satellite spectrum, non-availability of technical infra­structure for checking allocation to various service providers, lack of operational abil­ity to continuously monitor and verify spectrum services and non-availability of software database for monitoring outcomes. 


  1. Mr. Ajay Singhal is indeed ‘The SPECTRUM Man of India’. He is
    first person to highlight the irregularities in the usage of spectrum
    licensed by the Central Government in respect of big named corporate
    houses. It requires huge courage to take such issue. Our Prime
    Minister Shri Narendra Modi has launched Clean India mission but at the same time Clean
    spectrum is also equally important for ensuring good quality of
    services to millions of end users. His initiative of ensuring
    violation free usage of spectrum must be taken further by the
    government to ensure optimum utilization of our precious natural
    resources. The use of software databases in managing the natural
    resources like spectrum is the need of the hour. I was associated
    with Mr. Singhal for some time during this mission for software
    programming assignments. His innovative ideas and implementation
    skills are amazing.

  2. I Have been in touch of Mr Ajay Singhal since 2007 and from my interactions with him since 8 years I can comment that he is a very dedicated official who have good amount of insight about the Indian Telecom theatre. He has the ability to foresee the forthcoming scenarios wether it is introduction of new telecom players or introduction of new technologies. He had been very vigilant in usage of allocated spectrums by the telecom operators and even the operators complying with the regulatory guidelines. I would like to wish him great success in his future endeavours.