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February 19, 2014

Cover Story | PPI | REPLY BY KABUL CHAWLA’S LAWYERS Vijay Kaundal Advocate & Solicitor, SRGR LAW OFFICES

petition in public interest
haryanareal estate

In keeping with the ethics of journalism, gfiles sent a questionnaire to each of parties – Bhupinder Singh Hooda, Venod Sharma, KunalBhadoo, Kabul Chawla, Anil Bhalla, ArvindWalia and KP Singh. Nobody bothered to reply except for Kabul Chawla, BPTP Chairman & Managing Director. His lawyers replied to the questions and the same is reproduced here. When the questionnaire was brought to his attention, Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda, it is learnt, he told TC Gupta, Secretary, Town and Country Planning (Haryana) that “it should be ignored... they are just trying to malign me.”
REPLY BY KABUL CHAWLA’S LAWYERS Vijay Kaundal Advocate & Solicitor,

at the outset, it is stated that the all the allegations raised are false, frivolous, baseless and
factually incorrect and your letter is completely based on presumption and assumptions... Read More


petition in public interest
haryana real estate

Men in shadows:Those who pull the political strings
by Neeraj Mahajan

It would be difficult to imagine even a legend like Sachin Tendulkar single-handedly batting, bowling and keeping the field all by himself. Likewise, try as much as she might, singing sensation Lata Mangeshkar too would find it difficult to write the lyrics, compose, direct the music, coordinate, sing and play all the musical instruments all by herself. It is next to impossible to imagine that Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda is managing the whole show all by himself... Read More


petition in public interest
haryanareal estate

Haryana is not a state, it is real estate


 “We must speak up irrespective of whether it will have its desired effects or not, because
by speaking up we may not guarantee raising the consciousness of the people who listen but by not speaking up we will definitely let the people to remain deaf and dumb”... Read More

SILLY POINT | The second coming of Arvind Kejriwal


The second coming of ArvindKejriwal
In a piece entitled ‘The Rise and Fall of Team Anna’ in gfiles, soon after the Lok Pal Bill
was not passed by the RajyaSabha about two years back, I had asked a rhetorical question: Will there be a second coming for Team Anna? I noted that the Christians had been waiting in vain for the second coming of Jesus Christ for the last 2,000 years. The Buddhists similarly believed that Gautama the Buddha will come again as Lord Maitreya.... Read More

STOCK DOCTOR | Signs of turnaround

Signs of turnaround
The opinion polls so far have predicted that the NarendraModi-led BJP is likely to be the single largest party in the general elections to be held in April-May, 2014. The BJP with its allies forming stable government can be the best case scenario for the market that will attract foreign institutional investors (FIIs) in hordes despite tapering fears. Otherwise too, the slight moderation in the bond buying programme of Fed has not had any significant impact and FIIs have, by and large, been sticking to the Indian market.... Read More


bjp rss

Second citizens of BJP
The BJP and the RSS are two faces of the same coin. Officially, the RSS claims it is nothing to do with the BJP, but it is obvious that it is difficult to survive politically within the BJP if one has not completely surrendered to the RSS. Non-RSS politicians in the BJP are seldom consulted on core issues of polity. There is a zero tolerance atmosphere against the RSS within the BJP. With such a narrow approach, how long will non-RSS politicians continue to accept the BJP as a political identity without any say in decision-making?

Jitendra Gaur has discontent written all over his face. Despite having put in blood and sweat for 23 years into the Delhi BJP and knowing almost every resident of his municipality ward Malviya Nagar, he has not quite made it.... Read More

PERSPECTIVE | Channel the energy

shivratri sadhguru

Channel the energy

on February 27 this year is Mahashivratri, a night of great spiritual significance with a deep scientific rationale. At the Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore, this is a grand celebration – a night of music, dance, meditation and rapture....Read More

MY CORNER | Improper conduct

rules amitabh thakur
Improper conduct
Why the Delhi Ministers’ personal stand on Delhi police is completely
the All India Services (Conduct) Rules, 1968 through which we, as IAS and IPS officers, are governed states in the very beginning of Rule 3-“The direction of the official superior shall ordinarily be in writing. Where the issue of oral direction becomes unavoidable... Read More

GOVERNANCE | Demographic bulge ahead!

welfare devender singh
Demographic bulge ahead!
It is a matter of deep worry that there are no holistic programmes to address the variegated needs of older people and the aged, the fastest growing group in our population
india has traditionally enjoyed a robust joint family system taking care of elderly persons. However, the sweeping currents of globalisation and transcending cultures are having their
baleful effect on society....Read More

GOVERNANCE | Race for 7 Race Course Road | By MG Devasahayam

politics mg devasahayam

Race for 7 Race Course Road
With Manmohan Singh opting out of the race, the field is open for other aspirants, whether anointed by birth, or nominated by the party, or regional supremos
shakespeare’s Macbeth has a poignant quote: “Nothing in his life/Became him like the leaving it”. This refers to the execution of Thane of Cawdor for treason, meaning that he died with more dignity than he lived.... Read More

February 18, 2014

GLOBAL SCAN | ‘Abeplomacy’ offsetting Japan’s isolation in Asia | By Jeff Kingston

Global Scan
japan-india jeff kingston
offsetting Japan’s isolation in Asia
A lot is riding on Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s push to export nuclear technology abroad. As Abe visits New Delhi on the occasion of India’s Republic Day, we examine the nuclear component of ‘Abenomics’ infrastructure-exports growth strategy
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was in New Delhi recently to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the founding of the Indian Republic. His presence speaks volumes about closer diplomatic, security and economic ties and, at least from Tokyo’s perspective, a common agenda on responding to the rise of China.... Read More

EXHIBITION | Moments and memories | BY K SUBRAMANIAM

novel and ashok lavasa

Moments and memories
Novel and Ashok Lavasa carried forward their journey of exploring nature and brought its many facets together in an exhibition of their photographs in New Delhi recently.
This time, their ‘Stand & Stare’ collection offers images of ‘Mates & Moments’. Apparently these seem unrelated as many things in the world would seem to the human eye....Read More

From the Editor | By Anil Tyagi

It was March 2013, when Chhattar Singh, Principal Secretary (PS) to the Chief Minister of Haryana was about to retire and the new incumbent had to be selected. There were many officers in line. At the time, I met one of the senior-most officers, who too desired the prestigious post...Read More

BOOK REVIEW | Strategic confinement | by K SUBRAMANIAM

national security non-fiction
Strategic confinement

The history of independent India will recognise the contributions of many distinguished ministers of the Union Cabinet. But it is difficult to recall many from the post-Nehru generations who have reflected on the great policy issues they confronted in office.... Read More

Bric-a-brac | A Prime Ministerial debate trade, media to ask the questions

posts & hosts

A Prime Ministerial debate
trade, media to ask the questions
A businessman seldom leaves an opportunity to approach the political party in power. The 16th Lok Sabha Elections are on and nobody knows who will be the next Prime Minister of India. It is a rare occurrence that no one knows who to bank on....Read More

Bric-a-brac | Ticket to ride getting a parliament car pass

posts & hosts

Ticket to ride
getting a parliament car pass
Ministers and Members of Parliament are perpetually in a state of being temporary. Their entrance to the Parliament is restricted by passes issued for parking their vehicles. The 15th Lok Sabha had 15 sessions in five years. The MPs never faced any problem in entering the
house...Read More

Bric-a-brac | Amethi bulletin sanjay singh cynosure of all

posts & hosts

Amethi bulletin
sanjay singh cynosure of all
The parliamentary constituency of Amethi has been continuously in the news for the last 30 years as Sanjay Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi have been contesting from this seat for the Congress. This seat has some sort of magic; whosoever plans to contest from this seat becomes popular across the country overnight.....Read More

bric-a-brac | Wooing the media freebies, high posts and even marriage

posts & hosts

Wooing the media
freebies, high posts and even marriage
if one desires to enter politics or get married, the easiest way apparently is to join a newspaper or TV organisation. It is well known that media management has become a tough job for political parties and its leaders. The media fraternity also knows that every party needs them desperately to reach to the masses. Top political parties are wooing journalists by distributing all kind of freebies. Some Chief Ministers are distributing free houses, cars and high-end telephones.... Read More the way | Eyes on World Bank post the way
 Eyes on World Bank post
Everybody knows how coveted posts are filled in the government, but the Department of Personnel and Training has to still complete all the formalities. It is learnt that the Government of India is looking for an Advisor to World Bank Executive Director Mukesh N Prasad... Read More the way | Freedom to air the way
Freedom to air
The expert committee on Prasar Bharati, under the chairmanship of Sam Pitroda, has advised that Prasar Bharati should have administrative and financial autonomy. The committee sought the advice of approximately 100 people who were designated as advisors to the committee. So far so good. But, maybe Mr Pitroda is not aware that Prasar Bharati, which employs 32,500 people, already has absolute administrative and financial autonomy.... Read More the way | Craft and graft the way

Craft and graft
R P Singh a 1976 batch IAS officer of the Andhra Pradesh cadre and Chairman, National Highway Authority of India (NHAI), is known for his hard work and honesty. A well-known admirer of the Prime Minister in the bureaucracy, he is a multi-faceted personality and writes poems and songs that can be viewed on youtube. NHAI was in mess before he joined as Chairman and Managing Director.... Read More the way | Scams always leave a trail the way

Scams always leave a trail
Deepak Mohan Spolia, a 1976 batch IAS of AGMUT cadre and former Chief Secretary of Delhi, was hopeful that he would be retained by the newly elected Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.  Kejriwal did not have any personal grudge against him. But whenever the seat of power changes, bureaucrats, who have
remained on the fence, promptly rush to brief the new incumbent....Read More