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March 9, 2012

Shooting in the foot

inside congress
Shooting in the foot
With no fears of accountability in the party, many Congress leaders are running amok in the political theatre, making uncalled for statements in public
by Renu Mittal
ongressmen by and large are happy and happy-go-lucky folk. They neither fear punishment for non-delivery or even wrong delivery, nor do they expect or are rewarded for exemplary performance. Once a Congressman gets a position in power, he knows he can only go up; there is no question of being sacked or dismissed by the leadership.
Over the last few years, an impression has steadily gained ground in the party that under the current leadership there is neither any accountability nor any responsibility. All you need is the backing of a senior, powerful leader, preferably in Sonia Gandhi’s inner coterie, and you have got it made. No questions asked and no explanations require.......readmore

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