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March 9, 2012

Well-oiled breaking news

Well-oiled breaking news
The ruling party in Karnataka allegedly pays journalists to the tune of nearly half-a-crore rupees every week and the process is looked after by an eight-member committee with great precision
by Venugopalan  & Harishchandra Bhat
hat do you understand by yellow journalism? You got it all wrong if you are in Karnataka and in the company of journalists. Here ‘yellow journalists’ mean two categories of scribes: those who refuse to receive and those who are not offered ‘gratification’ by the ruling party of the day! To make you more curious, this gratification amount for individuals varies from Rs 7,00,000 per week to Rs 15,000.
Karnataka, surely you know, is a leading state in India. So, it is quite natural that even in the age of Nira Radia leaked tapes, the establishment in Bengaluru has not allowed its scale of gratification to turn insignificant by allegedly distributing every week, through an eight-member committee of the ruling party, one crore, forty-three lakh, seventy thousand rupees.
Poor newsmen of Bhopal! They themselves became news by not paying rent to the tune of Rs 18 crore for the government bungalows occupied by them. Bengaluru-based mediapersons have several houses and sites allotted to them in G category....readmore

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