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March 9, 2012

‘Centre, States to blame for NCTC imbroglio’

ved marwah
‘Centre, States to blame for NCTC imbroglio’
It is a pity that every chief minister is crying foul against the National Counter Terrorism Centre but we need an agency that links all bodies involved in internal security and crime, says former Delhi Police Commissioner Ved Marwah
 joined the police force almost 55 years ago, although the Indian Police Service was not my priority. I was allotted the West Bengal cadre. Interestingly, at that time also, people were talking of police reforms and even today they are talking about reforming the force.
The police should not be beholden to anyone. It is a disciplined, uniformed force, with a hierarchical command and control system. What has happened in the last 50-odd years is brazen political interference in the functioning of the police system and it is getting worse day by day. The politician, criminal and money nexus has broken the command and control system.
This was not the police system we had inherited in 1947. The standards of integrity in the IPS and the credibility of the force in general then were very high compared to what it is today. To give....readmore

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