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May 11, 2017

Quick response

ATUL Chaturvedi, 66, was born in a family of civil servants. His father, PN Chaturvedi, was a PCS who was coopted into IAS. His father’s elder brother, BS Chaturvedi, was an IPS. His grandfather, Harcharan Chaturvedi, also a PCS, retired as Collector of Faizabad. His great grandfather, Visheswardayal Chaturvedi, was a Provincial Civil Services Officer as well. Yet, Atul, born in Jhansi, had no inclination to join the civil services until the day when KK Sharma, his father’s chief and Commissioner of Bareilly division, made a bonfire of his selection letter as senior management trainee. “It was in the winter of 1972. I had been selected as senior management trainee in Hindustan Unilever. My father was then Collector in Bareilly. His senior, Commissioner KK Sharma had come to our residence for dinner. I showed my selection letter to him. He threw it into the fireplace and told me to sit for Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exam.

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