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December 17, 2016

Puzzling silence

In the foreword to the White Paper on the ‘State of Law and Order in Delhi’ that was released to the media recently, the Managing Trustee of the NGO Praja says, ‘There is a crisis brewing in Delhi, a crisis that this city is becoming unlivable for the common men and women’. And, ‘this white paper for crime is a reflection of all that has gone wrong in Delhi’.‘How long will this go on? What will it take for the Government to act? We need to see our elected representatives taking active and constant interest in on issues of Law and Order. Till this is not done we will continue to see a slide towards lawlessness in Delhi’.I have always been intrigued by a universal paradox of democratic functioning of governments that the persons elected by popular vote in free and fair elections are totally insensitive to the wishes of the same people who voted for them.

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