gfiles magazine

December 17, 2016

Dare to deliver

THE meaning of governance, according to the Oxford Dictionary, is the action or manner of governing a State, organisation, etc. But the ten-letter word takes hundreds of connotations when gfiles, the undisputed leader in the print and digital segment of the media catering to governance and bureaucracy, decides to cull out the best performers from among the civil servants across the country and honour them. It becomes the means to reach the poorest of the poor using science, information technology and whatever other tools available. It turns into a channel to accomplish the pending projects at the earliest, earn revenue from the completed ones and plan new projects for the future. It becomes the time value of different commodities which are a bare minimum for the common man and time value of money set aside for a project. It becomes the method of chalking out priorities on how to serve the hoi polloi. To borrow one of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s favourite phrases, it becomes ‘minimum government, maximum governance’.

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