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April 9, 2015

Case of a missing aide

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kanishka singh pays a heavy price
Where is Kanishka Singh now? Kanishka was the most trusted aide of Rahul Gandhi, the heir apparent of Sonia Gandhi. He is a bright young man who studied at St Stephen’s College and did his MBA from Wharton. His father, SK Singh, was a reputed foreign secretary of India. With humble beginnings during the Sheila Dikshit election campaign, he finally joined Rahul’s inner coterie. Kanishka was administrating Rahul’s political activities in his heydays.Most Congress leaders were aware of him and knew his importance but he maintained a low profile. Sources have disclosed that he is out of the close circle of Rahul. How did that happen? It is learnt that when he was all-powerful, he reportedly started asking India’s top industrialists to be in touch with him directly. Within the Congress party, finances are looked after by a very powerful group and it doesn’t like outsiders to interfere. It is not tolerated by Sonia at any cost. She doesn’t want to break the existing system of fund collection and storage of resources. However, even if annoyed by loyalists, the Congress party does not throw them out instantly. Loyalists are transferred and accommodated. Kanishka is thus technically transferred from Rahul and is now Priyanka Gandhi’s assistant.

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