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April 9, 2015

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wi-fi for modi’s plane
As far as VIP travel is concerned, India has a long way to go. There is no dedicated aircraft for the Prime Minister of India. Whenever or wherever he has to travel, an aircraft is spared from the Air India fleet. Thought economical, it has some constraints. The seating arrangement is redesigned every time as per the needs of the passengers whenever the PM decides to travel. The aircraft does not have world-class communication apparatus. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is very fond of electronic gadgets. He spends quite some time keeping track of the party’s activities by using them. Whenever he is in office or at home, he never feels any difficulty in connecting and operating the gadgets. Recently, on one of his international trips, he discovered that he could not operate and communicate during the flight. One of his co-travellers pointed out that most modern aircraft today have wi-fi facilities. He enquired about it and that was enough of an indication to the Air India officials. Sources say it took some time but now any Air India aircraft ferrying the PM or VIPs has the most modern wi-fi system installed.

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