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August 22, 2013

Losing out to Big Brother

In and Out
Losing out to Big Brother

WHY Murli Deora was unceremoniously shunted out from the Petroleum Ministry is still a mystery. He was not the only one shifted from the ministry housed in Shastri Bhawan. While Deora was transferred to the Ministry for Corporate Affairs, Petroleum Ministry Secretary S Sundreshan was shifted to the Ministry of Heavy Industries. The transfers were then blamed on the KG basin gas price issue. But, the matter was not so simple. Sources now inform that a business house’s desire to own the Navratna Public Sector Undertaking, the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC), was the  real reason behind the transfers. When Deora was brought into the Petroleum Ministry, the business tycoon thought he was very close to owning the PSU. Pressure started mounting on Deora the day he became minister. Deora then realised that though it was all right to associate with the industrial house in his individual capacity, things were different now that he had become a minister in the Government of India. Read more..

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