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May 19, 2013

Business recipes

making it big business
Business recipes
It is easy to write a story about people born in poverty climbing the pinnacle of success or of people with empty pockets finally hitting the rich-list as it is never a problem writing about those born-rich. Many writers would give their right arm to get a chance to write the biography of a millionaire who becomes a pauper because of his stupidity or profligacy, or both.
It is certainly a problem when the principal characters of your novel or real-life story are a bunch of boys who were not brilliant in their studies and were only a part of the middle of the heap. The problem gets compounded if they were not born rich and it gets aggravated it if they weren’t even poor.
Rohit Prasad has chosen just such a matrix to weave the real-life story of Abhishek Sinha and his brother Abhinav. They finish school and college without any recognisable distinction and find reasonably good jobs – Abhishek at Tata Steel and Abhinav at Oracle. Life for them was turning out to be smooth, repetitive, easy and unexciting and that was the problem.
It was around the year 2000 and the dotcom virus was infecting young people. Abhishek takes the first plunge and sets up It offered a bit of everything to everyone and nothing in particular to anyone. It was a resounding failure.Read More

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