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April 17, 2013

When Delhi Sneezes, India Catches Cold

Curtain Raiser - Delhi Election 2013
When Delhi Sneezes, India Catches Cold
As Delhi prepares for yet another electoral battle in November 2013— gfiles brings to you first-hand accounts, behind the scene analyses and information on what’s happening or likely to happen for informed and best decision-making. As the first off the mark, this means sticking one’s neck out and answering questions like, why so much emphasis on Delhi elections? Why is Delhi important? Like it or not, the answer is simple – Delhi is the heart, soul and brain of India – a mini-India where people, religions, cultures and languages converge. What they think and how they behave gives an idea about the mind of India. It is a signature of what India thinks and how it may behave.
delhi is changing — for good or worse. It has changed a lot from the time Suchita Kriplani was the first and lone woman representing Delhi in Lok Sabha under Nehru to today with Sheila Dikshit being the longest serving woman Chief Minister of India. She has been in power since 1998.         
Delhi has given equal chance to the Congress, Lok Dal, Jana Sangh or the BJP to rule over it. As of now all seven Lok Sabha, all three Rajya Sabha and 61 per cent i.e. 43 of 70 Assembly and 29 per cent i.e. 78 of 272 municipal corporation seats are with Congress party. BJP does not have any representation in Parliament but has 33 per cent, i.e. 23 Assembly seats and 51 per cent i.e. 138 seats in the municipal corporation.
Delhites, it seems, don’t like wasting their vote on an inconsequential or lightweight person or party that has no say or cannot make their voice heard. This is heart-breaking news for independents and deserving candidates who fail to impress voters about their position of strength. Delhi voters are very pragmatic, aware and conscious of their vote and want to be represented by the right candidate and in the right manner...Read More

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