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April 17, 2013

My Take

My Take ...
In the last 15 years since Sheila Dikshit took over, Delhi has undergone a metamorphosis. The influx from Bangladesh, Bihar, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh has changed the dynamics of India’s capital pushing the original inhabitants of urban and rural Delhi to the margins. Delhi no more belongs only to Punjabis, Jats and Gujjars.
The moment you step into Delhi it looks like a megapolis of flyovers, high rises and chaotic traffic. It is emerging as another Mumbai where small-time mafia play footsie with the political elite to grab a pie in illegal constructions, land grabbing, drug supplies and crime syndicates. The building mafia is ruling the roost in all the 70 assembly constituencies of Delhi.
Dikshit has groomed East Delhi obviously for her prince charming Sandeep Dikshit and has been forced to splurge on South Delhi due to the overwhelming presence of the ruling class there. She has turned a blind eye to North, Central and West Delhi, forcing a large electorate to live in inhuman conditions. There is simmering tension in these regions denied development.
Delhi is being kicked around like an orphan, with neither the central nor state government prepared to take responsibility for the mess they have created in the last 60 years. There has been no systematic development plan to decongest the city or provide for the teeming millions who have made it their home in the last few decades. The mushrooming of jhuggi clusters is a sad reflection on the state of affairs.
The Centre has created a mirage in the name of Delhi Assembly by not conceding to it administrative control over land and police. It has consistently ignored Delhi’ites’ clamour for full statehood causing further disillusionment with the ruling clique...Read More

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