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April 17, 2013

The Department of Love

humour m k kaw
The Department of Love
A one-act play
Mr Haanji, Deputy Secretary
Mr Gobind Ram, Peon
Mr Jhinkoo Ram, Secretary
Mrs Dada, Joint Secretary
Mr Ayaram, Under Secretary
Mr Gayaram, Under Secretary
Chief Minister
Chief Secretary
CPI (M) Minister
A Minister
Young Man
Young Woman
Peon Jarnail Singh
District Love Officer
Head Clerk
(A room in the Secretariat. Officers are seated here and there)
Mr Haanji, Deputy Secretary: All right, all right! Let us have silence for a while. The Chief Minister is making an important announcement.
Gobind Ram, please put on the TV.
(Gobind Ram adjusts the knobs)
TV: (first some static. Then the CM’s voice). Finally, I come to an important matter. As you all know, for the last fortnight, Swami Brahmachari has been on a fast unto death. He led an agitation in order to provide the fundamental right of love to the masses.
Mrs Dada (sarcastically): Brahmachari, my foot! We all know what sort of Brahmachari he is!
(Enter Mr Jhinkoo Ram, Secretary. They all stand up.)
Mr Jhinkoo Ram:You were saying something, Mrs Dada?
Mrs Dada (unfazed): We were listening to a telecast by the CM. I said we all know what sort of a celibate Swami Brahmachari is.
Mr Jhinkoo Ram (smiling, because he is the Financial Adviser): He is a bachelor all right.
Mrs Dada (smiling): That does not make him a celibate automatically.
Mr Jhinkoo Ram: Now, now, Mrs Dada!…Read More

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