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April 17, 2013

Religion is not faith, but belief

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Religion is not faith, but belief
what is the role of faith? How do we cultivate it? How necessary is it on the spiritual path? These are questions in many minds.
Unfortunately, people have begun to regard religion as faith. Religion is just a set of beliefs. Faith has nothing to do with belief. Faith can propel you from one dimension to another without your having to traverse the road. It empowers you to take a big leap from here to there. Right now for most people, faith is about making deals with the Divine:
“Dear God, I will put ten thousand rupees into this project; I must get ten crore rupees.”  You try to make a deal like this with anyone else and he’ll dismiss you! But you think the creator is such an idiot that he will fall for such a deal. This is not devotion. This is deception. This means fundamentally all prayer is coming either out of greed or fear. This is simple basic survival. Every creature on the planet handles its own survival, but only human beings, supposedly the most intelligent of all species, route their survival through heaven!...Read More

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