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April 17, 2013


There are allegations that Ch. Mateen Ahmed is taking his electorate for granted. The Congress would be better off with a new candidate.
BJP will have the best chance if it fields Maujpur Councillor Sanjay Jain who enjoys a considerable following in the Muslim community.
seelampur, considered a Congress citadel for long, is witnessing undercurrents of dissent against Mateen Ahmed, who has represented the constituency since 1998. Posters have sprung up in all parts of the middle-class colony alleging that Ahmad was taking the constituents for granted. Signed by one ShakirHussain, President of Haq Society, the posters exhort the electorate to vote Ahmad out.
One also comes across hordes of Muslim youth who are prepared to back Sanjay Singh, BJP Councillor from Maujpur ward. There are others who are egging Abdul Rehman, husband of Aasma, an independent MCD Councillor from ChauhanBangar (ward no. 249), to take on Ahmad...Read More

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