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April 17, 2013

Model Town

Congress is set to lose Model Town if it retains Kunwar Karan Singh as its candidate. He has become very unpopular in the area.
BJP may not have too many options but to repeat BholaNathVij who lost to Singh in 2008.
want to see how money power eats into the democratic rights of the electorate and denies development to them, come to LalBagh, the largest slum of the Model Town constituency of Delhi State Assembly. 
Huts looking like match boxes, cramped lanes flooded with sewerage, clogged and stinking drains, no drinking water, piles of garbage and children defecating in the open beside the railway tracks is what you see in LalBagh, a settlement housing over a lakh people sandwiched between Azadpur railway station and the Ring Road, which connects Delhi Assembly to Jahangirpuri. When people demand basic amenities from their elected representatives, more often than not the retort is “note leteho tau vote dete ho. Ab development ki baat kyon karte ho? (You get paid for your votes. Why should you talk of development now?)” Residents openly admit having taken Rs 100 to Rs 200 for each vote from the candidates through their small-time slum leaders and do not see any wrong in it. “Taking money for votes is no big deal. They have not done us a big favour. We cannot survive for life on Rs 100 to Rs 200. Can we?” asks Seema, a housewife in the slum...Read More

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