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March 18, 2013

Pain multiplies into suffering

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Pain multiplies into suffering
Why is life so full of pain? Why do human beings suffer? These are recurrent questions for many. The point is pain is a physical phenomenon; suffering is not. Pain is of the body and is even good for you. Suffering, on the contrary, is something that you create.
When I say ‘pain is good’, I am not blessing you with it! Pain is good because you do not have the necessary intelligence to preserve your body in its absence. Suppose there was no pain in the human body, you would have, in the name of fashion, mutilated and destroyed yourself in no time! But now, if you are walking on the street and a bicycle comes along, you stand back – only because you know the consequence of pain. If there were no pain, you wouldn’t budge. So, pain is good. When you truly accept it, there will be just pain, no suffering. There are a number of examples of this.
A wonderful instance is the yogi, Sadashiva Brahmendra. He lived in Nerur, near Coimbatore. He was a nirkaya or bodiless yogi. Sadashiva had no sense of the body. Consequently, the question of wearing clothes did not arise. On a certain day, this naked yogi walked into the king’s garden, where the latter was relaxing with his queens. When he saw Sadashiva, the king grew angry. “Who is this man who dares to walk naked before us?”...Read More 

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