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October 19, 2012

Proxy rule in MP?

Vol. 6 | issue 7 | August 2012 the way
Proxy rule in MP?
IF you are asked who rules Madhya Pradesh then obvious answer is the Chief Minister Shiv Raj Chauhan. No, it is not so simple. He is the de-jure boss of the state but de facto boss is his wife Sadhna Singh and Ten top IAS officers and some top industrialists. The group of around 15 to 20 people rules the state as they like and reportedly mint money faster than any currency printing press. The work under the ministries of Power, PWD, health, Education, Urban Development and Local Bodies, Excise and Taxation, Revenue and Land acquisition, Home Ministry are managed by these trusted lieutenants of Sadhna Singh. Shiv Raj and Sadhna are very simple human beings and are scared from scandals as his arch rival and minister in his cabinet Kailash Vijayvargiya keeps him busy in one controversy or the other disclosing small scandals to media. Kailash has very good friends in media. It is reported that if one meets Sadhna for any work directly, it is done in half the price but when the needy goes to the officials, the cost just doubles. Wait and watch gfiles will publish the names of the officials and the industrialists who are ruling the state by proxy and enjoying.

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