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September 10, 2012

Rahul as PM Now or Never!

Vol. 6- Issue 6 - Sept 2012
inside the congress renu mittal
Rahul as PM Now or Never!
Is Rahul Gandhi reluctant to take up the post of Prime Minister of India or are there bigger, and more wily players conniving to keep him out of the prized chair?
Is it time to ask the question – Is it now or never for Rahul Gandhi to take over the Prime Ministership of India? And if its now, then who are the people preventing Rahul from taking on this big role? Are there bigger forces at work, forces that have ensured that Sonia Gandhi has been put on the back-foot and has allowed Dr Manmohan Singh to continue as the Prime Minister, knowing full well that the longer he continues, the swifter would be the decline and downfall of the Congress Party.
Congressmen assert that the first mistake was when P V Narasimha Rao was made the Prime minister after the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. If one analyses in retrospect, it appears that Rao had a clear game plan to continue in power, never mind what happened to the Congress Party. Through the decisions he took and the path he trod – which ended with the demolition of the Babri Masjid – the Rajiv Gandhi assassination probe was put on the back-burner. Rao almost finished the Congress Party. So much so, that it took eight long years for the Congress to find its feet and come back to power in 2004.
Sources inform that there are murmurs in the party today that whether Sonia Gandhi committed a mistake by bringing in Dr Manmohan Singh as the man for the top job. She perhaps thought that Singh being a non-political man would go when Rahul was ready to take over. What she probably forgot or overlooked was the fact that Dr Singh had always been an integral part of the power machinery, whether as a bureaucrat, an economist or a politician. Sonia Gandhi also overlooked the fact that Dr Singh got his political moorings under the umbrella of Narasimha Rao. Manmohan Singh has just unfurled the Indian Tricolour for the ninth time this year, clearly.......READMORE

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