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May 10, 2012

Search for Chief Secy

Search for Chief Secy
Orders appointing P K Chaudhary as the new Commerce Secretary were on their way to Udyog Bhavan. The Prime Minister had approved his name. Suddenly, the next thing we came to know was that he was the new Chief Secretary of Haryana. What happened? Let us tell you. Apparently, Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda was in a fix. His Chief Secretary Urvashi Gulati was retiring at the end of March. He first approached Finance Secretary R S Gujral but the latter told Hooda, “I will do more for the state as Finance Secretary than to be the Chief Secretary”. Insiders, however, say Gujral cannot forget “one old indecent incident” so he politely refused. So Hooda landed in the office of Commerce Minister Anand Sharma and P K Chaudhary got a call from the Minister’s office. Anand Sharma informed Chaudhary that Hooda wanted him to be the Chief Secretary of Haryana. Chaudhary said, “When Chief Minister Hooda has come all the way to ask for me to be Chief Secretary, I am honoured and accept.” Chaudhary is also believed to have asked Hooda, “Why do you want me to be in Haryana, when there are so many honest and efficient officers available”. Hooda replied to Chaudhary, “no doubt there are many but I want honesty should be seen.” Chaudhary is said to be committed to restoring the prestige of the office of Chief Secretary and has already started implementing the Result Frame Document with all the ministries. g

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