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May 10, 2012

Party later, me first…

Party later, me first…
gadkari ready to back modi
Losing weight has worked wonders for Nitin Gadkari. But the BJP President, albeit a little more active these days, is worried about gaining weight, political weight that is. Gadkari wants a second term as BJP President though he has not done anything great in the last two years. Given the large number of aspirants, he is wooing his party colleagues left, right and centre. But BJP insiders inform that Narendra Modi wants to position his trusted man as the next party chief. And he trusts very few in the party! Modi has targeted 2014 to emerge on the national scene but first he has to win the Gujarat assembly elections (to be held before January 17, 2013). Modi and his close advisors are of the view that the party president should be their man so that after the assembly elections, there can be a smooth transition to the national scene.
Well aware of these plans, Nitin Gadkari is also playing his cards well and is believed to be even ready to declare Modi as the BJP candidate for Prime Ministership. He knows nobody can predict what will happen in 2014. It is not yet clear what the RSS headquarters at Nagpur is planning but they clearly don’t have much choice available to replace Modi or Gadkari. g

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