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January 24, 2017

Challenges of old age care

The  sinister shadow of urbanisation, industrialisation, and atomisation of families has  not only deprived the elders of the  societal reverence, traditional family love and care but they are being increasingly neglected and abused. The problem would exacerbate and reach gargantuan proportion with the growing size of elderly population, which was 20 million in 1951, 57 million in 1991, 104 million in 2012  and would be over 300 million by the year 2050. While successive governments have devoted greater part of their focus on shelter, food and healthcare, especially maternal and child health, the healthcare of the aged continues in a state of terrible neglect. The deprived, neglected, abused and abandoned elders whose number continues to swell, suffer unattended  from serious  geriatric  health  and cognitive disorders. Many senior citizens suffer  from the most common form of dementia-Alzheimer’s disease, a silent tormentor.

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