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December 10, 2015

Civil services: pay, perk and performance?

 Due to the collective failure of civil servants in living up to the covenant of the Constitution, India’s democracy has diminished, giving place to kleptocracy

Ten years ago, when the Sixth Pay Commission gave a hefty hike in pay and perks to civil servants, it also entered a caveat on performance by adopting the maritime ‘mantra’‘shape up or ship out’—to send a clear message. The Fifth Pay Commission had also attempted something similar. Both have failed and now, when civil servants are revelling in the pay and perk bonanza of the Seventh Pay Commission, the question of performance again comes to the forefront.
An important Term of Reference (ToR) of the Seventh Pay Commission was: “To work out the framework for an emoluments structure linked with the need to attract the most suitable talent to government service, promote efficiency, accountability and responsibility in the work culture, and foster excellence in the public governance system to respond to the complex challenges of modern administration and the rapid political, social, economic and technological changes, with due regard to expectations of stakeholders, and to recommend appropriate training and capacity building through a competency based framework.” 

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