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March 10, 2015

Will Kindle curb spying?

security shubhabrata bhattacharya

History seems to be repeating itself in the corridors of power in New Delhi. Three decades back, as Rajiv Gandhi was trying to usher in a new paradigm of governance based on his massive parliamentary majority, several spy cases rocked the Central Secretariat. Now, the Naya Daur regime of Narendra Modi, the first leader after Rajiv Gandhi to enjoy a clear mandate in Parliament, has come under the cloud of spying. In 1985, the spying was triggered by foreign interests and mainly centred around the Defence Ministry. Now, in the aftermath of the 1991 reforms, the spying is no longer of global ramifications alone, it has a ‘Make in India’ tag—corporate entities are trying to gain a competitive edge by ferreting out sensitive information.

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