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September 4, 2014

Doordarshan needs to shrug off its isolation and wake up to the competition to regain the eminent position it had two decades ago

whither dd gopinath menon

My interactions with Doordarshan started back in 1989, almost 25 years ago. I was a Senior Media Planner with Mudra Communications and it was imperative for planners to be oriented with all the operational aspects of media. Hence, I was put under the stewardship of the Media Controller, DD, R Nair, in this case. Nair was a man of few words and was very caustic in his behaviour. He had a very cut-and-dry approach and was generally not welcome in social gatherings of the agency. One day, over a spirit beverage, he opened up with me. He said, “The main reason I am like this is because of my dealings with Doordarshan and its people.” I never understood, till the time he took me to Mandi House to meet all the people connected with advertising and marketing. They had dull and sullen faces, not pleasant and not happy at meeting someone for the first time. In fact, they were reticent and senile in their conversations.

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