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May 12, 2014

Tell-all books shake the edifice


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The recent spate of books by former bureaucrats has raised a lot of heat and the debate is again on whether writing such books is ethical or not
by Neeraj Mahajan
A few years back Vajai Vardhan, Principal Secretary and Financial Commissioner of Haryana, released Ibadat—the breath of my soul, a collection of 120 haikus, or short poems. His earlier book, Beyond the Great Beyond was based on research on Sufi poets in Lucknow. Close on his heels, Haryana’s chief electoral officer, Sumita Misra, came up with A Light of Life, a compilation of poems. Within a few months, another bureaucrat, Vivek Atray, released Move on Bunny, a comic fiction on the life of a Punjabi boy...Read more

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