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May 12, 2014

Ins & outs the way

Read moreMany Secretaries of the Government of India will move from one ministry to the other in June. It has to happen; it is not a new thing. When a new dispensation takes over the reins of South Block, there is a reshuffle of secretary- and joint secretary-level officials. The first major reshuffle will happen in the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). Most PMO officials are packing their bags to either leave for their respective States, or are waiting for a new posting at the Centre. Senior bureaucrats, who have connections in almost all political parties, are watching the situation and pursuing their cases to get ministries of their choice. There are six major ministries where Secretaries will be changed—Petroleum, Commerce, Communications, Water Resources, Finance and Road Transport. It is to be seen whether the new dispensation replaces Secretaries.....Read more

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