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January 20, 2014

GOVERNANCE | Haryana: From Green to Grey State?

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Haryana: From Green to Grey State?
The Haryana Chief Minister has adopted a zamindari style of functioning! While banishing those who obstruct his real estate agenda, he rewards his loyalists with fortunes and coveted postings
SCHOLARS believe that the name ‘Haryana’ came from the words Hari (Sanskrit Harit, ‘green’) and Aranya (forest). At its formation in 1966, Haryana was meant to be so with early-day governments under Chief Ministers Bansi Lal and Devi Lal laying strong foundations for a Green State with their emphasis on agriculture, forestry and irrigation. Having joined the cadre around that time, I have seen and participated in the process in the arid districts of Hissar and Bhiwani adjoining the deserts of Rajasthan.... Read More

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