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January 20, 2014

COVER STORY | Diminishing returns from dynasty

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Diminishing returns from dynasty
The Congress has nobody but itself to blame for attempting to run a national party with the charisma of a single family. That, too, for the most part of its existence. If old, family-held enterprises can topple because they failed to move with the times, why canĂ¢€™t a family-held party?
By K Subramaniam
DIFFERENT States, different players, different playgrounds, different rules and yet the same result! It is time for the Congress leadership to sit back and dispassionately analyse as to what has brought it to this moribund state. Why is the party losing everywhere? Why has it failed to understand the needs and aspirations of the aam aadmi? Why has Rahul Gandhi failed as a leader? Why have Congress poll managers become so staid, stale, inefficient and incompetent in gauging the mood of the electorate? Where will it go from here and who will lead the party now in the forthcoming Lok Sabha polls?... Read More

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