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December 20, 2013

GOVERNANCE | Wish list for the wannabe Prime Minister!

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Wish list for the wannabe Prime Minister!
While Narendra Modi is creating an impact as the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, he has not yet spoken about his ‘Idea of India’
WHEN Narendra Modi was made the BJP’s campaign committee chief, a leading newspaper columnist wrote: “For the faithful, there is no truth bigger than Narendra Modi’s ‘destined’ future as Prime Minister. His critics protest that the elevation will not happen, worry that it might happen, and agonise over what will happen when that happens….The Gujarat Chief Minister is admittedly a challenge the like of which India has never seen before.” Soon thereafter the saffron party threw down the gauntlet by declaring him as the prime ministerial candidate. And he is running a full juggernaut around the country adopting a ‘messiah’ mode of campaigning!... Read More

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