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December 20, 2013

COVER STORY | awards good governance

awards good governance
The second annual Governance Awards of gfiles was an occasion to inspire thousands of unsung public servants to use innovation to multiply public resources
by Narendra Kaushik
IT is not every day that the 'muchmaligned' steel frame of India gets an opportunity to celebrate. It is not every day that the minority of the ‘faceless and anonymous’ civil servants, who refuse to be partners in crime with the powers-that-be, who question the Maoists ruling the roost in the so-called red corridor of India and who become gamechangers by providing succour to the poorest of the poor, disadvantaged and the weakest sections of society in India, are recognised and acknowledged. It is also not every day that the media, which treats bad news as good business and pillories babudom for the various ills and lacunae prevailing across India’s length and breadth, honours the ones who put service before self in working for the aam aadmi, set examples by executing lifeline projects without time and cost overruns and innovate to add to the national exchequer...Read More

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