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November 21, 2013

STATE SCAN | Kashmir: policy paralysis

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If we enunciate a clear-cut forthright policy on Kashmir, India will no longer be regarded as a soft State by the world community
KASHMIR is in the news once again. Analysts are having a field day, dissecting personalities, policies, predilections and preferences to understand what exactly is happening and why. Most experts say that Pakistan is indulging in violations of the ceasefire line to facilitate the entry of saboteurs and terrorists into the Kashmir valley. Or, else they feel that Pakistan is trying to keep the Kashmir issue alive on the international circuit because of the session of the UN General Assembly or because of meetings of the Indian and Pakistani Prime Ministers with Barack Obama.
What is missing from the discourse is any serious debate on IndiaĆ¢€™s Kashmir policy. Taking into account the history of Kashmir since 1947, right from the first Pakistani aggression under the guise of the Qabaili invasion to the 1965 and 1971 wars to the Kargil misadventure, this period has been a blood-spattered saga of violence, sabotage, mayhem and genocide. Yet one searches in vain for a white paper on India™s policy on Kashmir, which clearly enunciates what our goals and strategies are.... Read More

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