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November 21, 2013

MY CORNER | Keep it unbiased

justice amitabh thakur
Keep it unbiased
The present system of inquiry against government servants being conducted in the department itself has its own pitfalls and severe problems
MOST of us might have either sent a complaint regarding some government official or would have been witness or privy to such a complaint. In all such cases, we see the complaint marked to some senior officer, often percolating down step by step so as to finally come to an officer immediately superior to the officer being complained about. There are also examples where the complaint goes to the same officer for his comments or for necessary action.
In cases where the complaint goes to the officer accused, the only thing it results in is bad blood between the complainant and the accused officer where the latter is always in a search of an opportunity to take revenge against the complainant. A famous example that is often quoted is that of the anti-corruption martyr Satyendra Dube, who sent a confidential complaint letter about the huge corruption in the National Highway Authority of India to the then Prime Minister, which later found its... Read More

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