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October 23, 2013

sanjay kothari | ‘Do what you can do, serve the people’

sanjay kothari secretary, administrative reforms & public grievances
‘Do what you can do,serve the people’
There was a time when government officials and the public, the rulers and the ruled, distrusted each other, but not anymore. Today, the government is taking great pains to change the typical bureaucratic mindset and churn -out young officers with a can-do attitude. All this is sure to change the perception about anything official, sarkari and red-tapism, says Sanjay Kothari, Secretary, Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances. Excerpts from an interview by Anil Tyagi and Neeraj Mahajan.

gfiles: What is the basic idea behind the administrative reforms that your ministry is
trying to implement?

Kothari: The basic idea is that whatever reforms or whatever steps we are taking should reach
the common man. For that we feel that there should be an attitudinal change. The Administrative Reforms Commission has given 1,200 very thorough and concrete recommendations on all kinds of subjects. About 1,000 of them have been accepted and 600 have been implemented. The main issue before us was, does the impact Read More.....

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