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October 23, 2013

'Official language and literature are worlds apart'

v k baranwal
MOST Government servants tend to lose their sense of identity and passion after retirement because they have nothing better to do. This does not apply to VK Baranwal, who retired as Chief Commissioner, Income Tax (Mumbai). He is now doing something he always wanted to do but could never find time for: writing. He always loved creative writing but had to suppress his skills while in service. Now, of course, there are no restraints. Imagine an income tax officer writing three books on historical figures like Jinnah: Ek Punardrishti on Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Mahatma Gandhi and Sir Syed Ahmad Khan while in service! Though he got a President’s Award as a writer, the overall response in the service was not very good. But the reviews and comments by critics on TV channels and in the vernacular press more than made up for it. Read More...

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