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September 19, 2013

Gymkhana polls get rolling the way

Gymkhana polls get rolling

Every two years in September, the national capital’s elite club, the Gymkhana, lands itself in a silly frenzy over the elections of its officebearers and committee members. Retired and serving bureaucrats and service personnel leave no stone unturned to get elected to the few posts. Over the years, the whole process has become very elaborate and even gets a mention in the media. Spending for these seemingly ornamental posts has gone up exponentially if one considers the lavish dinners and cocktail parties. The campaign this year has already started in earnest. One of the candidates is Vijay Chibber, Secretary to the Government of India for Road Transport and Highways. One really wonders whether a Secretary to the GOI with such a heavy portfolio involving the vital infrastructure of the nation Read more..

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