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September 23, 2013

Delhi Election 2013 Ghonda

Four-time BJP MLA and BJP Chief Whip in Delhi Assembly Sahab Singh Chauhan, who barely scraped through last time against his bitter rival Congress’ Bhishma Sharma, stands to win more comfortably this time.

Three-time Congress MLA Bhishma Sharma is weighed down by rising anger against the Congress governments in Delhi and at the Centre and seems to be in the fight only in the Yamuna Vihar Ward.

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) will attract a good number of voters dissatisfied with the BJP MLA, but it may not be enough to cause an upset.
Though Delhi Assembly polls are still two months away, Ghonda, the constituency bordering Seelampur and Babarpur seats, is already in the grip of an election fever. A virtual slugfest is on between BJP MLA Sahab Singh Chauhan (63) and his Congress arch-rival Bhishma Sharma (50), with each having taken recourse to choicest of adjectives and hyperboles to bolster his own image and run-down the other. Read more..

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