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September 23, 2013

Delhi Election 2013 Bawana

AThree-time Congress MLA Surendra Kumar’s hegemony is under serious threat as the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) looks set to partake a chunk of JJ Colony voters.

The AAP enjoys good support among youth and lower middle class segments of the society and may damage prospects of the Congress.

Former party MLA Chand Ram is in contention for the BJP ticket with Satish Kumar Kataria, a former INLD worker in Bawana, and& Gugan Ram, a former BSP leader from Begumpur, snapping on his heels.
THE big, it seems, is not better. Not for the Congress at least. After Matiala, the largest assembly constituency in the National Capital where the grand old party is on a slippery ground, the party faces dim prospects in Bawana, another large constituency of Delhi which comprises around two dozen villages. Congress’ three-time MLA Surendra Kumar, who had entrenched himself largely due to overwhelming support from the lower middle class residing in JJ Colonies and slum camps, faces an arduous task this time around. Read more..

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