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May 19, 2013

Vishwas Nagar

Sheila Dikshit’s former Parliamentary Secretary Naseeb Singh is looking for his fourth consecutive victory even as the State Government faces flak on account of inflation and rising prices
BJP’s Om Parkash Sharma does not want to target Naseeb Singh and would rather conserve his energies for attacking the State and Central Governments
The voters in Vishwas Nagar, a constituency which comprises five villages, few large slum clusters and around 110 housing societies of Patparganj, are in a bind. They do not want Sheila Dikshit to rule Delhi for the fourth time but would not vote her out because that would mean denial of the fourth term to Naseeb Singh, their MLA. Their fervent hope is that while they press the button on the hand in the Assembly polls, their counterparts in Delhi do the opposite.Read More

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