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May 19, 2013

Shalimar Bagh

Three-time BJP MLA Ravinder Nath Bansal looks invincible, with the electorate in this jujube berry orchard rich constituency set to repose faith in his honesty, accessibility and responsiveness
The Congress lacks a strong candidate to dislodge Bansal. Its 2008 candidate Ram Kailash Gupta appears to be no match for the low-profile engineer-turned-BJP politician.
With its strident campaign against the hike in power and water tariffs, the Aam Aadmi Party appears to have enthused voters
In Shalimar Bagh, it is difficult to locate the residence of three-time BJP MLA Ravinder Nath Bansal. He does not look down on you from the signages pitched across various arterial roads in his constituency. It is difficult to find any posters –hailing either Vijay Goel’s appointment or criticising the Sheila Dikshit Government’s programmes – anywhere in the area.Read More

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