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April 17, 2013

What's Mossad's game plan in India?

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Best friend or trouble-creator No 1
What's Mossad's game plan in India?
Even PMs and Presidents don't stand a chance against conspirators, hired assassins and back-stabbers in the world of deceit and deception.  Indira Gandhi was killed by her own body Guards, Rajiv Gandhi was killed by a lady packaged as a human bomb, Premadasa too was done to death by a suicide bomber. But after many things- like demolition of Babri masjid- started happening following Mossad's entry in India- India has reasons to ask whether Mossad is really its best friend or trouble-creator No 1?
by Neeraj Mahajan
PV Narasimha Rao established diplomatic relations with Israel in 1992, on the advice of Chandraswami-a Mossad supporter and sort of VIP in Rao's official residence. Nehru onwards every PM was against Mossad. Indira and Rajiv- strongly opposed Mossad. As a result Israel and South Africa were the only places on earth where Indian passport was not allowed. This was so till Rao became PM after Rajiv's assassination.
Mossad meaning "Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations", Aman (military intelligence) and Shin Bet (internal security) form the triangle of treacherous intelligence agencies under Israeli Prime Minister. Their goal is espionage, subversion and destabilization to protect Israeli and Jewish interest. Expert in disguise, deceit and deception - Mossad's ethos favors ‘deception in clandestine operations and war'. It uses psychological operations, mind control, bluff, flattery, fear, reasoning, slander, threat, coercion, or antagonizes and makes people uneasy. Bogus propaganda, eavesdropping, sabotage and betrayal - are just a few tools, it cultivates, buys, kidnaps, tortures and intimidates opponents, plants stories on journalists and remote-controls politicians and decision makers in government and private sector. It can go to any extent -- even eliminate political leaders...Read More

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