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April 17, 2013

Security chinks

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Security chinks
The concept of security proofing of economic policies right at the time of formulation does not exist in the country’s governance framework. Now there is a sudden urgency…
by Naresh Minocha
it is a classical case of endless fretting after letting the genie out of the bottle. The country is going through a pattern of desperate and belated search for security solutions. The search invariably begins after implementation of each liberalisation policy, whose underlying goal is to facilitate globalisation of the Indian economy.
Since the beginning of big-bang reforms in mid-1991, the Government has followed with a vengeance its policy of discriminating against domestic manufacture through steep import duty cuts and relatively lower reductions in excise duty. It also added salt to the wounds of the manufacturing sector by encouraging duty-free or concessional-duty imports from certain countries as a diplomatic initiative...Read More

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