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April 17, 2013


Congress’ Jaswant Singh Rana has lost most of his sheen in the last five years. The party may stand a better chance with a new face.
The BJP faces a problem of plenty, with NeeldamanKhatri, husband of Councillor Kesh Rani, Councillor Mohan Bharadwaj and former Councillor Raj Karan Khatri also in the race.
narela Assembly constituency has number of firsts to its credit. It is number one in the list of 70 constituencies of Delhi state assembly and it houses the largest foodgrain market of Asia.
However on infrastructure front, Narela, one of the largest constituencies of Delhi, undoubtedly figures somewhere at the bottom of the ladder as it fails miserably when it comes to civic amenities like roads, drinking water and drainage. The story of around 2.25 lakh voters reeks of political indifference. Be it the ruling Congress or the BJP, which enjoys majority in the MCD, Narela seems to hardly exist on their agenda...Read More 

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