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April 17, 2013

Let us connect the way
Let us connect
do you think that our bureaucrats are shy by nature? No, they are very extrovert and vibrant, but they love to remain in their cocoons. It is the emergence of social media that is motivating them to connect with the world. For today’s bureaucrats, it is tempting to be in touch and enjoy the appreciation and applause they get whenever they are active and participative. It is this new breed that is utilising the social media to interact with old friends and classmates. Our Ambassador to the US Nirupama Rao, Amitabh Kant, Srivasta Krishna, Alex Paul Menon, Hardeep Puri, Additional Secretary (Agriculture) Dalip Singh, Ashok Lavasa, and many more IAS, IPS and IRS service officers are active on this media. Ashok Lavasa, Additional Secretary (Power), writes on his Facebook page: “Tennis turns me on, rafting reinvigorates me, trekking makes me feel that I am still alive, swimming is a rebirth, photography is a vocation, writing is second nature and music stirs my soul”. Similarly, Navtej Sarna, an IFS officer, says on his Facebook page, “there was a writer named Chinua Achebe, in whose company the prison walls fell down - Nelson Mandela”. Even the legendary Yogendra Narain, former Secretary General of the Rajya Sabha, is now connected to the new medium. While we welcome their getting on to the social media bandwagon, it is important that these bureaucrats should also connect with common masses as the aam aadmi still feels that contacting our bureaucrats is a Herculean task...Read More

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