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April 17, 2013


With the incumbent, Balram Singh Tanwar, facing allegations of land grabbing, the Congress will be better placed to look for a replacement.
Brahm Singh Tanwar continues to have largest following among the saffron locals despite having lost the last two assembly elections.
Welcome to Chhatarpur, the land of mafias. Mining mafia, land mafia, contractor mafia, farmhouse mafia, forest mafia and religious mafia – you name it and the assembly constituency, with an over 1.5 lakh-strong-electorate the majority of which belongs to the Gurjar community, is home to all of them.
Though quarrying stands banned in the Bhatti Mines area and an afforestation programme is underway, villagers in the twin hamlets of Bhatti Kalan and Bhatti Khurd vouch that it goes on unabated behind in at least half-a-dozen farm houses under the patronage of local politicians and the police, with the administration turning a blind eye. “The nephew of a ruling politician is actively involved,” says Subhash Chand Tanwar, an estate agent in Bhatti Khurd village...Read More

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