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March 18, 2013

I, me and my seat

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I, me and my seat
rajnath works overtime
BHARATIYA Janata Party President Rajnath Singh knows how to remain grounded even though he has a pan-India presence now. The ambitious thakur from Uttar Pradesh knows well that without winning his seat in the Lok Sabha election, his dream of becoming the Prime Minister will fizzle out like that of N D Tiwari. Rajnath is an MP from Ghaziabad; he won the last election with the help of Jat leader Ajit Singh. Now Ajit Singh is an ally of the Congress Party and the Civil Aviation Minister in the Union Cabinet. This queered the pitch for Rajnath and he was finding it difficult to resolve this situation. But a godsend opportunity came his way from Bihar. A Rajya Sabha seat was vacated by Upendra Kushwaha. Rajnath grabbed the opportunity and lobbied with BJP Bihar unit for nominating K C Tyagi, leftist-turned-centrist politician of Western UP and known as KC. On the other side, Sharad Yadav – a long time associate of Tyagi – spoke to Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and the wily Laloo Yadav. Sharad requested Laloo not to spoil the game as KC is an old friend of both since the days of Karpoori Thakur and Devi Lal. As a result, KC finally entered Parliament again as Rajya Sabha member after 22 years of long wait. With the induction of KC in RS, beleaguered Rajnath ensured an important section of his constituency to be on his side. Now he is aiming to get the support of a Jat leader in Parliament. For this, he has assured one Jat leader from Western UP that he will fulfill his promise soon. The question now is, will these manipulations lead to the desired result of a win from a Jat and Tyagi-dominated Ghaziabad constituency? Only time will tell!

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